The Intertwining: An Experiment in Collaborative Reading

During (and since) our meeting 2015 at Translating Vitalities Lab 1: Touch), Carla, Jens, Barry, and Alexa have worked together to explore the final Chapter of Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s book, The Visible and The Invisible from multiple perspectives. What began as the seemingly simple effort of a doctor, an artist, an anthropologist, and a historian to read and discuss a common text has transformed into a project devoted to exploring (in part) what “reading” is as an embodied and situated practice. Early experiments involved two of the group members embodying Merleau-Ponty’s musings on vision and the process of seeing, which we recorded on video. What happens in the videos unfolds slowly and becomes clearer in time. Please have the sound turned on: you’ll hear voices perform the text as you watch the screen.

(The work of this group is ongoing, and has been taking multiple forms. You can find another project drawn from our early work together, Carla’s  experiment fictioning with Merleau-Ponty’s text, here.)









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