Inhabiting Media and Speed: Two Essays

During the Translating Vitalities Lab 2: The Untoward in 2016, Vincent Duclos spent a good amount of his time engaging fellow lab workers in discussions around the habitability of speed, broadly understood as an energetic intensity involved in the making of habits, and modes of attention. Things like the differences between mere endurability/viability and a capacity for creative existence in the midst of ubiquitous acceleration were for instance discussed. A long session under the olive tree with William Mazzarella, Stacey Langwick, and Sue Cochrane was particularly important in giving some consistency to otherwise inchoate and poorly organized thoughts on this matter. In the following weeks, two essays inspired by these discussions were published in Cultural Anthropology.

You can find the essays here:

Vincent Duclos, “Inhabiting Media: An Anthropology of Life in Digital Speed,Cultural Anthropology 32.1 (2017): 21–27.

Vincent Duclos, Tomás Sánchez Criado, and Vinh-Kim Nguyen, “Speed: An Introduction,” Cultural Anthropology 32.1 (2017): 1–11.

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