The Archive

Below, you’ll find a gradually accreting archive of Translating Vitalities-related work by members of the collective that’s featured on this site. Happy exploring!

Christie Brown and Carla Nappi, Underneath/Ink (2018) and Behind/Charcoal (2018)

Sue Cochrane, “The Cutting Apart of Things and Me” (2018-2019)

Sue Cochrane, Vincent Duclos, Judith Farquhar, Volker Scheid, and Clare Twomey, “Translating Vitalities” (a series of essays), Somatosphere, March 2016. Including:

Vincent Duclos, “Inhabiting Media: An Anthropology of Life in Digital Speed,” Cultural Anthropology 32.1 (2017): 21–27.

Vincent Duclos, Tomás Sánchez Criado, and Vinh-Kim Nguyen, “Speed: An Introduction,” Cultural Anthropology 32.1 (2017): 1–11.

Judith Farquhar, A Way of Life: Things, Thought, and Action in Chinese Medicine (Yale University Press, 2020)

Judith Farquhar and Larisa Jasarevic, Bee-Coming Unfolded (2018)

Jens Foell, Carla Nappi, Barry Saunders, and Alexa Wright, “The Intertwining: An Experiment in Collaborative Reading” (2018)

Dianna Frid and Carla Nappi, Deucalion and Pyrrha (2016-2018)

Larisa and Azra Jasarevic, “Taste the Honey” (2018)

Stacey Langwick, “A Politics of Habitability: Plants, Healing, and Sovereignty in a Toxic World,” Cultural Anthropology 33.3 (2018): 415-443.

David Luesink and Clare Twomey, Collaboration (2018)

William Mazzarella, The Mana of Mass Society (University of Chicago Press, 2017).

Carla Nappi, ed. Markbooks (Flugschriften, 2021).

Volker Scheid, “Promoting free flow in the networks: Reimagining the body in early modern Suzhou,” History of Science 56.2 (2018): 131-167.

Cinzia Scorzon, “Tong 通 in Clinical Acupuncture Practice.”

Peng Yu, “Indeterminate Self: Subjectivity, Body and Politics in Zhuangzi,” Philosophy & Social Criticism

Peng Yu, “Zones of Indeterminacy: Art, Body and Politics in Daoist Thought,” Theory, Culture & Society