Markbooks: A Pamphlet

Community is a precious thing. And the pandemic is remaking our relations with one another and with ourselves.

The Translating Vitalities collective was meant to gather in Berlin for several days of sharing space, meals, and fellowship in the summer of 2020. When that became impossible, we gathered virtually instead, each in our separate spaces, projected into little boxes in a window on a screen. We came into community to extend what had been an ongoing conversation about attention, its ecologies, its forms, and the markings of its passage. It was a privilege to be guided by artist Clare Twomey in a scaled-down version of a practice she had been developing as part of her work, and which focused, in a way, on marking the passage of attention.

You can find a collection of the results, published as a volume called Markbooks, freely downloadable here at the Flugschriften website.

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