Jens Foell

Foell (alexa wright's conflicted copy 2018-08-26)Jens Foell is a practicing doctor in community settings in London and in rural North Wales. His professional interest is situated at the interface of suffering and its representation in bureaucratic procedures, may it be in the context of end of life or chronic pain. He is academically affiliated with Imperial College London.

Jens grew up in a protestant environment in South West Germany. He escaped from the idyll and boredom of a saturated market town to Berlin and studied medicine. His personal and professional passion is to explore, understand, and find terms of describing patterns of interconnectedness between people as individual organisms and their aggregation in society. He has studied hands-on interventions like manual medicine and acupuncture. “Translating Vitalities” is a forum, a way of operating, a communal way of researching what matters in this context. This involves conventional scholarship as much as not-so-conventional modes of interaction outside familiar comfort zones.

See also:

Jens Foell, Carla Nappi, Barry Saunders, and Alexa Wright, “The Intertwining: An Experiment in Collaborative Reading” (2018)