Volker Scheid

Scheid (alexa wright's conflicted copy 2018-08-26)Volker Scheid is Visiting Professor of East Asian Medicines at the University of Westminster, London as well as a teacher and practitioner of Chinese medicine. Besides cycling, he devotes most of his time to the exploration of East Asian medicines as living traditions that can make an important contribution to the vitality of life in the present.


See also:

Volker Scheid, “Promoting free flow in the networks: Reimagining the body in early modern Suzhou,” History of Science 56.2 (2018): 131-167.

Sue Cochrane, Vincent Duclos, Judith Farquhar, Volker Scheid, and Clare Twomey, “Translating Vitalities” (a series of essays), Somatosphere, March 2016.