Angelika Messner


Angelika Messner is an Italian/German Professor of Chinese Studies and Director of the Chinacentre at Kiel University, in Germany. She has written and published on a wide range of topics, including Chinese science and medicine, the cultural exchange between China and Europe since the 17th century and the relationship between the sacred and the profane in China. Most seminal are her contributions on the History of Medical History and on Emotions in China, and you can find an example in “Transforming Chinese Hearts, Minds, and Bodies in the Name of Progress, Civility, and Civilization,” in M. Pernau, H. Jordheim, A. Messner et al., Civilizing Emotions: Concepts in Asia and Europe (Oxford University Press). She was Guest Professor at the Shanghai University for Chinese Medicine, a Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin, and has initiated the Villa Vigoni Research Conferences on “Emotion-Knowledge in China.” She is the speaker of the research group “Societas Ethologica et Sociologica” at Kiel University, and President elect of IASTAM (International Association of the Study of Asian Medicine). Currently she is setting up the International research network “Global Health.Transdisziplinär,” which has a strong focus on embodied knowledge in Asian contexts past and present. See here for one of her recent publications.